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Waterpolo is recognised as one of the fastest growing school sports in South Africa. 

Both members of Timeout Systems have followed schools waterpolo over the last 10 years and have recognised the opportunity to provide a reliable and economical waterpolo scoring system designed, manufactured and supported throughout South Africa.

With over 40 years experience in the computer industry as engineers, incorporating design for both hardware and software development and maintenance we believe we were well placed to offer a range of scoreboards to meet both the basic requirements as well as more sophisticated versions for the game of waterpolo.

Our range of polo boards have been designed in conjunction with coaches and refs from schools, provincial and national level. State of the art technology has been used including surface mount displays and microprocessor systems while the latest versions incorporate controllers with touch pad technology. Aluminium and stainless steel are used in the construction of all frames and related hardware.

All scoreboards offer the standard features of two double digit team scores, a four digit clock with active colon, a single digit chukka display and two double digit poolside shotclocks.  Two hooters and a touchpad controller complete the system.

Optional extras include exclusion clocks, an exclusion register and a radio link for the controller.

Full House Waterpolo Scoreboad
Waterpolo Scoreboard Standard Deluxe
Waterpolo Dual Display
Waterpolo Scoreboard Standard

Designed, Manufactured & Supported Throughout South Africa
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Waterpolo Shot Clocks

Waterpolo Shot Clocks