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The systems shown here are purely for waterpolo. The technology used for our scoreboards may be used for virtually any sport. Any preferred layout may be specified as can the size of the digits. All the waterpolo boards use standard double digits measuring 400mm x 280mm. Digits up to 485mm x 350mm may be specified. 

Other sports that can be currently catered for are:

Cricket Hockey Rugby Tennis Swimming

Other sports will be considered if required.


Timing and display systems lend themselves particularly to individually timed events. Both swimming and athletics have been considered and initial designs have been completed. In both these sports spectators are brought into the excitement of the sport because they can see their preferred participant's real time position. In both cases the system consists of a set (max 10 sets) individual clocks each displaying up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds with a resolution of  1/10 or 1/100 of a second. 

The event may be started either manually (with a gun) or by the starter with a button producing a short sharp hooter blast. Each participant will have their own time judge at the finish to stop the clock. It must be noted that official swimmimg meetings under Fina rules require stringent conditions including touch pads and up to three time keepers per lane with averaging algorithms to arrive at a final time. 

Our designers have considered some of these features, but as our objective is to bring electronic timing particularly to schools, these high tech systems will be out of reach to virtually all schools.

We are open to incorporating any features that may be required, but prices will be dependant on the scope of the system.


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