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Waterpolo Shot Clocks


The shotclocks are provided in two models. The Standard model uses a single double digit display of approximately 400 x 280mm .

The World Cup model combines large format digits for the shotclock and standard size chukka digits are used for the time clock.


The clocks are powered by a low voltage cable power and data cable directly from the main display and are inherently safe at the poolside.


The solid aluminium stands provide a stable platform for both models which pivot at the centre allowing the display to be angled down to the pool if required.


The size of the Standard Shotclock is 530 x 320.

The World Cup Shotclock is 600 x 950


Full House Waterpolo Scoreboad
Waterpolo Scoreboard Standard Deluxe
Waterpolo Dual Display
Waterpolo Scoreboard Standard

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Waterpolo Shot Clocks

Waterpolo Shot Clocks