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Hockey Scoreboard


This Hockey Scoreboard provides similar functions to that of Rugby. Double digit team scores and a up/down clock counter provide the numerical data for the game. Injury time may be acrued and displayed  at the end of the half after the hooters have sounded. The bullets in the lowwr right indicate the current half.

The rest period between halves may also be displayed if required. Team ID's are provided either by fixed slots for slide in panels or a white panel may be provided for boldly written names. The school name is optional. The clock may be set to a maximum of 99 minutes.

The active colon (flashing) will indicate that displayed times are not part of the actual game time.

A radio link is available from the controller to the display board.

Large format digits may be ordered if required.


The Hockey Scoreboard is 2000 x 1300mm

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