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10 Lane Timing System


The Lane Timing System consists of individual 5 or 6 digit electronic clock displays built to conform to the number of lanes required. The 6th digit (if required) enhances the clock with a resolution of 1/100 sec. Each clock has the format of  MM:SS.S(S) The starter has control for starting and resetting the display while each lane has its own independant time judge with a hand held button that will stop the lane clock.

The digits are double digits with sizes of either 250 x 200mm or 400 x 285mm. The overall board size will be dependant on the digit sizes chosen. The starting signal is provided by a number of electronic hooters supplying a short sharp sound for the competitors.

Provision can be made for inputs for standard touch pads but this is a very expensive route to go. The size of the display for a 10 lane system using the smaller digit format will be approximately 1200 x 1800mm x 2
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