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Scoreboard Features

All our waterpolo scoreboards contain the following standard features and are included in the price


  • Double digit scores for blue and white teams
  • Four digit clock with active colon; 99mins 59 seconds
  • Single digit chukka
  • Two 30 sec shotclocks
  • Additional shotclock controller
  • All connecting cables up to 100 metres
  • Two multi tone hooters
  • Touch pad main controller
  • Wall mounted brackets


  • Interactive game controller
  • Set up of chukka’s 2/4
  • Setup of inter chukka time (1 & 2 – 3 & 4 and 2 & 3 (change over) may be different)
  • Set chukka times (Any time between 1 and 99 minutes)
  • Set mode: Start/Stop or Running time
  • Stopwatch with start/stop reset buttons and 1/10 sec resolution. [MM:SS:S/10 – 99:59:9]
  • Timeout with 1 minute clock countdown and resume
  • Correction button for scores
  • Shotclock reset/adjustment during game.
  • Different hooter sounds for shotclocks, end chukka, end game and interchukka times.
  • Team name database if installed
  • Intensity control for all displays (if used inside)


  • Exclusion clocks for each team (20sec)
  • Exclusion Register (14 position including Timeouts)
  • Radio link from Technical Table to main display
  • “A” frame stands with or without lockable wheels
  • PVC covers to fit all units
  • Cable winders

Power requirements are a single 220V single phase supply rated at 15A (max)

All clock and score digits are double digits and measure 380 x 270 high. The chukka digit is 120 x 190 high. Larger digits ay be ordered but sizes are limited to 385 x 480 for a single digit. The complete system is driven by a number of preprogrammed microprocessors and utilises an industry standard communications protocol for all data transmission.

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