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At school and club level spectators are normally limited to watch the individual racing events with little or no idea of the times achieved by their favourite sportsman or woman. Two sports are brought to mind; those of swimming and athletics.


Timeout systems is proud to announce a new range of timing devices for use at school and club level in any sport that demands individual high quality timing.


The two models of stopwatches shown are designed for both indoor and outdoor use on fields or at a pool and have been designed to offer a compact unit at a competitive price with an accurate and reliable timing engine for any combination of individually timed competitors.


Each independent stopwatch display consists of six digits representing minutes; seconds; 1/10 seconds and 1/100 seconds. A colon and a point separate the minutes, seconds and divisions of a second. During timing the 1/10s and 1/100s displays are blanked. (The high rate of change makes the digits unreadable). All digits are displayed once stop has been executed. The display is mains driven and a standard 15 amp plug outlet must be located in the vicinity of the board. An extension cable may be used.


For the Standard stopwatch control is via a single hand held button connected directly to the display board. This cable may be up to 5 metres long. The functions of Reset, Start and Stop are integrated into this one button. A radio linked version is also available.


The Classic stopwatch has three independent displays allowing for timing of 1st 2nd and 3rd positions. All timekeepers and the starter operate separate buttons which allow for freedom of movement around the field. The transmitter/receiver units will operate at a nominal distance of 100 metres from the display board.


Both units have the option of having a plug-in array of hooters to facilitate auto starting. An optional separate unit for the auto-start function is available so that the hooters may be placed at the starting line/end of an event and away from the main display. This “away” unit will require a power point for operation. The starter’s button will activate the stopwatch units and the hooter at the same time. Independent timekeeper/s at the finish will stop their respective placings with a single button.


Each pair of digits measures 370 x 240mm. A matt red or clear filter covers the front of the display, but due to the nature of led displays it is recommended that the unit should be placed away from the sun’s direct rays.


Larger display digits measuring some 630 x 500 are also available if required.

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The unit will sustain a short shower but is not waterproof. A PVC cover is available with a clear plastic front.


Two aluminium mounting brackets are supplied for wall or upright mounting. Movable trolleys are also available for ease of movement at the sports venue.

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